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Double Stack Hole Saws Bi-Metal 3.25"-3.50" Cutting Depth Double Stack Hole Saws Carbide-Tipped 3.25"-3.50" Cutting Depth STHS “Double-Tooth” .125 Cutters Diamond Tip Bit Hole Saw Cutters

Welcome to TappingCutter.com- a division of 2Lbin.com.

TappingCutter.com and 2LBin.com offer the best hot tapping equipment that is designed to handle all types of pipe carrying natural gas, water, sewage, steam, petroleum products, and chemicals.

Adding new connections to existing pipelines, without interrupting service is what your company will be able to offer by picking up some of our tapping equipment. Our equipment is designed by professional tappers for any plumber, mechanical contractor, pipeline contractor, or subcontractor. We can supply educational/training packages that can be purchased along with your equipment. This tapping training will include safety guidelines, setup, ease of tap and cliff notes on how to make the most money from our Tapping hole saw cutters. All of 2LBin's hot tapping or pressure tapping machines will make a connection to existing piping or vessels without interruption to the system. Tapping is also the first procedure in line stopping, where the hole saw is used to make an opening in the pipe, so a line plugging head can be inserted.

    1. Custom built tapping holesaw cutters are designed to tap cast iron, ductile iron, transite, PVC, C900, steel and other types of pipe.
    2. Holesaw cutters are designed and built to be re-tipped and reused- Please contact 2lbin.com in order to have your holesaws re-tipped to save $$$.
    3. Holesaws are engineered for heavy-duty cutting and reuse. They are designed with a thick steel backing plate and with heavy-duty sidewalls which provide for longevity.
    4. If your size is not displayed here, 2Lbin.com can have them custom built to suit your needs.


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